The Burley Public Library Foundation - supporting our local community.
Our Members and Supporters
The Burley Public Library Foundation would like to thank the following businesses, families and individuals for their generous annual support:
Business/Organizations $500.00+
Sheila Adams (Director)
Christian Chesley (Secretary)
Tommie Dean (Treasurer)
Kim Fletcher (Director)
Cliff Hanks (President)
Vacant (Vice President)
Individual Donors/Members by Category:
Supporting $25.00 - $99.00
Melvin Banner (Legacy)
Brian & Debra Barlow
Dan Black
Don Dean
Kathleen Hedberg
Paul & Jolene Hobson
In memory of Mary Bateman
Glen Jensen
Terry L. Kinkead
Don Melling
Laura Nielson
Kris & Clair Peterson
Cherie Rencher
Dr. Kenneth & Angela Turner
Lorna Turner
Brian & Julie Woodford

Bronze $100.00 - $249.00
Larry and Maxine Adams
Rodney & Lisa Barton (Legacy)
Keith & Mitzi Brooks
Diane Carlson
Jacob & Edith Cole (Legacy)
Keith and Ramona Crane (Legacy)
John & Debi Craner
Ed & Terry Evans
John & Karen Evans
Val & Ann Garn
Forest & Kathryn Hall
Donald & Jackie Handy
Augustin & Olive Hanks Family (Legacy)
Hedberg Family (Legacy)
Tim & Lori Henrickson
In memory of Eddie Alcocer from Ray Steagall
Brent & Jacque Lee
Issac William Lee (Legacy)
Wayne & Effie Mills (Legacy)
Ann Lee Owens
Temp & Lacy Patterson
Dr. Walter and Eileen Petersen (Legacy)
Roper Family (Legacy)
Richard & Miriam Smith
Reah Stott
Tanner Family (Ada Knocke, Valoy Hendersen, Arlyn Tanner) (Legacy)
Gerald Thaxton
Gary & Glena Turner
Barbara Woody
Grant & Iva Wyatt (Legacy)

Silver $250.00 - $499.00
Sheila Adams (Legacy)
Kent & Kim Fletcher
Kathryn Hall (Legacy)
Gaylen & Carolyn Hondo Family
Susana and Jorge Rios
Matt & Kim Seely
Veronica Wilde (Legacy)

Gold $500.00 - $999.00
Phyllis Holyoak Blauer (Legacy)
Harold Woodbury Blauer (Legacy)

Gutenberg $1000+
Anonymous Burley Resident (Legacy)
Frank R. Bauman (Legacy)
William Bowen Thomas (Legacy)
Glen & Dona Kunau
William and Beverly Parsons
Larry Roberts

Business/Organizations $500.00+
Friends of the Burley Public Library
Idaho Community Foundation